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Fair Value Pricing

Independent fair value pricing for added transparency where current prices are not readily available


Evaluated Real-Time Market Data

Independent real-time market data feeds at a fraction of the cost

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Key Figures and Risk Indicators

Precise indications of the risk and return probabilities for financial products

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Financial Instruments Automation Platform

Reliable and cost-effective digitization process for securities and OTC trades

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Key Figures and Risk Indicators

TTMzero produces around 100 real-time key figures for millions of financial instruments. These key figures are precise indications of the risk and return probabilities of the financial products listed and include highly sophisticated ones such as the Greeks, maximum yield probability, barrier hit probability, and many more. Having real-time key figures gives investors a powerful advantage in their trading strategies at all times.

Make faster, better investment decisions

Key figures and risk indicators help investors, advisors, and asset managers to ascertain the risks and opportunities associated with a specific financial product.

Manufacturers and distributors of structured products and providers of financial information can also pass on the computed key figures and risk indicators to clients who will then be able to compare products from different issuers more easily.


We guarantee high accuracy

Every second, our system runs millions of computations for a variety of financial instruments based on data from the world’s most important financial exchanges, broker and interbank markets.

All computations are based on algorithms trained to minimize errors and secure the highest accuracy. Our high-quality data is based on a large number of proprietary input data sources, a team of experts in the derivatives business plus continuous review processes, and thorough monitoring and documentation.



1. We currently compute close to 100 different key figures and risk indicators for structured products in real-time

2. Even complex key figures which require a full pricing such as the Greeks or the Barrier Hit Risk (BHR) are updated in real-time

3. Our system runs up to 10 updates per second per instrument

4. We cover more than 1.8 million structured products which are offered in various structured jurisdictions within Europe

5. Real-time key figures are available between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM CET