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The best alternative to expensive legacy systems for trading, news and analysis

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Fully digitized RegTech and capital markets software solutions



State-of-the-art analytical tools for trading firms

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Athena Systems

Workflow automations for buy-side participants


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The ultimate charting framework for desktop and mobile applications

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Social Charts

Interactive client engagement tool that engages clients in conversation internally and online

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User-friendly information and analysis terminal, deployable in multiple roles, including trading

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Data Feeds & APIs

Multiple APIs designed to ensure low latency and minimum resource usage

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Fair Value Pricing

Independent fair value pricing for added transparency where current prices are not readily available

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Evaluated Real-Time Market Data

Independent real-time market data feeds at a fraction of the cost

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Key Figures and Risk Indicators

Precise indications of the risk and return probabilities for financial products

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Financial Instruments Automation Platform

Reliable and cost-effective digitization process for securities and OTC trades

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Liquidity Management

Unparalleled insight into your trading with data visualization


Spark OMS

Highly flexible Investment Management System

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Spark Risk

Manage your risk needs on a central platform

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Enabling compliance:
Risk indicators and key figures

TTMzero produces more than 100 real-time key figures and risk indicators for millions of financial instruments with a special focus on regulatory compliance such as PRIIPs KIDs and MiFID II.
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Trusted by some of the world's largest financial institutions
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> 100

key figures

> 1.8 m

structured products

Key figures
for millions of products - updated in real-time

With more than 100 key figures for a wide range of payoff types and more than 1.8 million existing structured products, we’ve got you covered. All key figures are updated in real-time to provide your clients with valuable information that others don’t have.

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Key Figures and Risk Indicators

Measure risk with the Greeks and more

Our key figures include sophisticated ones such as the Greeks, the Barrier Hit Risk, Maximum Yield Probability, and Implied Volatility. Our industry-standard computation methodologies are based on our proprietary estimates for volatility surfaces and dividend forecasts - that’s what makes them so reliable.


Manufacturers of structured products don’t need to operate their own infrastructure - we manage the entire issuance process of their product and beyond.

Simon Ullrich, Founder & Head of Business Development at TTMzero