The best alternative to expensive legacy systems for trading, news and analysis



Fully digitized RegTech and capital markets software solutions




User-friendly information and analysis terminal, deployable in multiple roles, including trading



The ultimate charting framework for desktop and mobile applications


Data Feeds & APIs

Multiple APIs designed to ensure low latency and minimum resource usage

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Social Charts

Interactive charting platform that engages clients in conversation internally and online

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Fair Value Pricing

Independent fair value pricing for added transparency where current prices are not readily available

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Evaluated Real-Time Market Data

Independent real-time market data feeds at a fraction of the cost

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Key Figures and Risk Indicators

Precise indications of the risk and return probabilities for financial products

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Financial Instruments Automation Platform

Reliable and cost-effective digitization process for securities and OTC trades

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Fully digitized regulatory tech and capital markets solutions

TTMzero's state-of-the-art technologies help financial institutions better manage their risks, comply with regulatory requirements, and fulfill due diligence and reporting requirements.
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Trusted by some of the world's largest financial institutions
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Real-Time Market Data

Delayed market data is in the past

Real-time market data should be accessible to everyone - and with TTMzero, it can be! TTMzero provides evaluated real-time market prices at a fraction of the cost.

Financial Instruments Automation Platform

Pre- and post trade financial automation

TTMzero's Financial Instruments Automation Platform (FIAP) allows for faster launches of new products by digitizing the processes for securities and OTC trades. It's an effective plug-and-play solution for significantly shorter time-to-market.

Lifecycle management

The automation platform accompanies a product during its complete lifecycle, from issuance to expiration.


Meet your regulatory demands

Fully automated document creation and management - naturally always set to comply with regulatory requirements.

Fair Value Pricing

Independent valuations of hard-to-value assets

The Fair Value Pricing service offers independent valuations of hard-to-value financial instruments that do not have observable market prices.

The independent valuations are based on a proven mark-to-model pricing methodology that meets both regulatory and operational requirements.


Fair value pricing:

Independence is crucial when it comes to delivering defendable evaluation pricing that meets regulatory requirements.

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Key Figures and Risk Indicators

Precise risk indications for financial products

TTMzero calculates about 100 key figures for structured products in real-time, including the Greeks.

These figures give investors a precise indication of the risk and return probability of the financial product in question. It's crucial information if you want to compare different products or evaluate a portfolio.

Key features:

  • Real-time key figures for 25 different structured product types
  • The Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, and Omega
  • Risk indicators
  • The Black-Scholes quantity "implied volatility"

Free guide

Did you know you can save 90% on market data?

Take a look at the “Definitive guide to Evaluated Real-Time Prices” to discover how you can save costs today.

TTMzero has a strong presence in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, but a huge potential for global growth. We're pleased to expand our reach with this strategic partnership.

Simon Ullrich,, Founder & Head of Business Development at TTMzero


We're focused on developing cutting-edge technology for banks and financial institutions. Partnering with United Fintech allows us to reach the full potential.

Dr. habil. Sönke Blunck,, Founder & Head of Financial Engineering at TTMzero