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November 15th 2021

2 min read

NetDania launches game-changing Social Charts

NetDania, one of United FIntech's portfolio companies, just launched a new product: Social Charts. Interactive, shareable charting for banks

NetDania, a United Fintech portfolio company, has launched Social Charts, a game-changing client engagement platform which enables banks and brokers to share interactive charts with clients, communicating their trading research and news in a completely new way.

This latest development from NetDania, building on its heritage of providing best-in-class charting solutions, provides financial institutions with the ability to create their own online communities. It solves the issue of how best to present charts to clients, eliminating the need to send static images, and provides the opportunity to build engaging dialogue around the charts, adding value to clients.

The Social Charts solution is based on an Open API and can be fully white-labeled in an internal environment where the financial institution controls where the chart research gets shared and re-shared. Social Charts can be delivered in multiple formats, ranging from a plug-and-play solution with just a few snippets of code to a fully customized enterprise solution with bespoke development catering to the individual requirements of the brokers and banks.

Thomas Elster, Co-Founder and CEO, NetDania commented, “We have spent many years developing the best, most reliable charts in the industry and have built on our expertise to develop this new charting product which is sharable, dynamic and interactive. It really is a game-changer – there’s nothing else on the market quite like it. 

“Social Charts has the technical performance and extensive features that users of NetDania’s charts rely on, but with added interaction to create more engagement both internally and externally. Banks and brokers can leverage our Open API or white label the product to build their own communities and retain clients on their own platforms.”

Rasmus Bagger-Petersen, CCO, NetDania added, “Having recently joined NetDania from the banking industry, I am fully aware of the increasing focus on client retention. An engagement platform like Social Charts is relevant and timely. It will not only help to attract new clients but will also play a major role in retaining them. Social Charts is a completely new way of interacting with chart predictions and a completely new way of interacting with clients.”

NetDania, a market analysis and information platform, has a global client base of banks, brokers and hedge funds including some of the world’s largest financial institutions. The organization provides market data, APIs, market terminals, and charting components on both desktop and mobile.

Founded in 1998, NetDania pioneered streaming price technology. With a strong position within corporate FX and trading, its products are increasingly used by Tier 1 banks, brokers, currency managers and analysts as alternatives to expensive legacy systems for trading, news and analysis.  United Fintech acquired a majority stake in NetDania in November 2020. 

United Fintech, founded by Christian Frahm, acquires and scales innovative fintechs in capital markets, creating a go-to fintech platform that financial institutions can benefit from to accelerate their transition to a digital world.

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