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September 7th 2023

2 min read

Will Holt appointed Chief R&D Officer at FairXchange, accelerating the firm’s drive for innovation and expansion

Will Holt, Chief of R&D FairXchange

Renowned for leading innovations and microstructural analysis within the financial sector, FairXchange today proudly announces the strategic onboarding of Will Holt, known for his roles at industry leaders, including Goldman Sachs and Tudor Investment Corporation. Holt’s appointment is the most recent to signal FairXchange’s enhanced commitment to advancing R&D, underlining the company’s ambition to pioneer new standards in liquidity management.

In its quest to shape the future of microstructural analysis, FairXchange, part of United Fintech, consistently raises the bar with its innovative, data-driven approach, and with the appointment of Will Holt as Chief Research & Development Officer, this trajectory is set to continue:

“We are delighted to welcome Will to FairXchange. His deep knowledge of market microstructure combined with his impressive track record in the hedge fund industry make him the ideal person to take our research programme forward. We have a number of very exciting new products in the pipeline, building on the strong technical foundation we have put in place over the past 5 years, so Will joins us at the perfect time to further increase our momentum,” says Guy Hopkins, Founder of FairXchange.

Merging visions: Holt and FairXchange embark on a new era of financial innovation

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, the synergy between Holt’s vast experience and FairXchange’s vision promises a future rich in innovation and disruptive products. According to Will Holt, his alignment with FairXchange’s core ethos — promoting transparent, data-driven interactions — combined with the potential of FairXchange’s signature Horizon platform is a winning combination aimed at evolving how organisations approach liquidity management:

“Guy & I have fostered a professional relationship spanning many years; my expertise lies in the buy-side and Guy’s on the sell-side. FairXchange’s Horizon, with its robust infrastructure, paves the way for discussions that, from firsthand knowledge, profoundly influence execution performance. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a visionary team” says Will Holt.

About FairXchange · Renowned globally in data science, FairXchange specialises in the complex Foreign Exchange (FX) markets. Believing in the commercial viability of FX trading for all stakeholders, the firm offers unmatched analytical tools that guide clients through the intricate world of platforms, venues, and execution strategies. Horizon, FairXchange’s flagship product, offers a comprehensive view of the trading and pricing ecosystem, tailored to enhance liquidity management. As a proud member of the United Fintech family, FairXchange champions transparency and data-led interactions, ensuring mutual benefits. For more details, visit

About United Fintech · United Fintech is a Digital Transformation Platform where global financial institutions and cutting-edge technology providers come together to realise their full potential and enable the future of finance.
Since the company’s inception in 2020, the firm has so far acquired 5 Fintech companies operating in the capital market space and it’s on track to acquire many more. Approved by top global institutions in the financial industries, United Fintech is on its way to meet the vision of supporting global financial institutions in accelerating themselves into the digital era.

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