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April 10th 2024

3 min read

From Investment banking to Fintech: Tracing the dynamic career path of Netdania’s new CCO

George Govier is the new CCO of Netdania

George Govier-Rosenvold steps into the role of Chief Commercial Officer, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his previous position as Head of Sales at Netdania. His professional journey includes four years of valuable contributions to both United Fintech and Netdania. Prior to this, George refined his skills at Goldman Sachs, dedicating five years to the Prime Brokerage sector within the Global Markets Division, where he played a pivotal role in assisting European hedge fund clients with the initiation of new funds through the bank.

Tell us about your background.

I joined United Fintech in 2021 as one of the first members in the London office, and since then, I have been on a dynamic career path that has seen significant adaptation and growth. 

When I first started, I worked across the different companies that we had in the United Fintech Group. Later, my focus shifted solely to Netdania, where my priority was on building strategic client relationships. 

I’ve always enjoyed using the knowledge and skills gained from my experience in Investment banking, as well as my interest in finance and economics to embrace new challenges and opportunities within the Fintech industry, as well as in the United Fintech Group.

Why did you gravitate towards Netdania out of all the other partner companies? 

Netdania is a tech-driven company predominantly composed of developers, aiming to provide users with the best market data solutions in the world. I gravitated towards Netdania because it offered the dynamic, technical environment I sought.

Netdania has always been at the forefront of innovation. Throughout their 25 years in business, they have consistently developed new products. More importantly, I believe our ability to stay curious and focus on our customers’ needs has allowed us to successfully navigate the digitization of the financial markets. This has uniquely positioned us as significant contributors to shaping the term ‘fintech’ as we know and love it today.

Joining Netdania allowed me to engage with something new and significantly enhance my technical knowledge. Working closely with a team that is both skilled and approachable has been incredibly rewarding, enabling me to learn and grow within the technical side of the business.

How will your extensive sales background and understanding of client interactions and sales dynamics influence your approach in your new role?

My sales background has dramatically informed my approach to the CCO role, emphasising the importance of aligning our product and commercial roadmaps with client needs.

This hands-on experience with clients allows me to ensure that our offerings meet and anticipate market demand, and leverage feedback to keep us ahead. I think that direct client engagement has been invaluable in guiding our strategic direction and ensuring our innovations directly address our clients’ evolving requirements.

How do you plan to foster collaboration within the team and with the other departments to drive the company’s goals?

As Netdania’s new CCO, I aim to foster collaboration not just within Netdania, but across the entire United Fintech Group. In practical terms, this includes enabling our developers to exchange ideas with peers from the other partner companies and ensuring all team members, especially sales, understand the technical and business aspects of our operations. 

I believe this broadened perspective is vital for driving growth, as it challenges us to think beyond our immediate environment. 

Another area where we are going to see a lot of collaboration is with the banks. On the back of the strategic investment that United Fintech received from BNP Paribas and Citi, I foresee a lot of valuable information being shared regarding topics such as market trends.  It will be vital that this information is shared with the whole team here at Netdania to help foster an innovative and thought-provoking environment.

What are your priorities for the first 90 days and how do you plan to impact Netdania’s market position and client satisfaction?

 In my first 90 days as CCO, I’m focusing on executing the strategic groundwork that we have laid out over the past year. This period is about building on our momentum and continuing the growth that we have seen within the business since becoming a part of the United Fintech Group. 

There are some exciting partnerships that we have been working on that will further the reach of our products and services. We will also continue to enhance our technology to stay ahead of the curve, and deepen relationships with our clients. Our approach is to make incremental improvements to continue offering top-notch services to our longstanding clients in our key segments.

How do you envision leveraging your commercial mindset to ensure that the product you build and deliver not only meets the market’s needs but also positions the product team for success?

Incorporating a commercial mindset into product development means engaging closely with clients to gather feedback throughout the creation process. This approach ensures that our efforts are directly addressing market needs and solving real problems. 

By maintaining ongoing communication with clients, we’re able to refine our product roadmap and development strategy to align with actual market demands, rather than simply hoping that our innovations will find a receptive audience. 

At Netdania we embed a client-focused feedback loop into our development cycle, and I strongly believe this is essential for developing purposeful, market-fit solutions.

Netdania's mission

With a foundation in investment banking and a passion for finance, George’s role at Netdania is marked by a commitment to fostering growth, enhancing client relationships, and driving technological advancement. The focus on aligning products with client needs, along with a dedication to internal and external collaboration, underscores a dynamic approach to leadership in the evolving financial technology landscape. 

If you’d like to meet George or know more about Netdnaia, reach out” and then add a link to his page:

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